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Shameless Self-Promotion (cross-posted) 
03:24am 24/06/2005
Hey, I'm Flint Blade, and I play some jazzy stuff.
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01:06pm 03/11/2004

Hi. Saw the community...thought I'd post.

The name of my project is Hindu Pez, a powernoise/digital hardcore project that's been going on for 2 or so years.

[If you're not familiar with either genre, think of dance music gone evil.]

You can stream one of my tracks, "anti EMO anthem" over at my myspace account, or you can download it and two other tracks at my audiostreet webspace.

Any suggestions, musically speaking, or comments are greatly welcome and appreciated.

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Allo all 
05:40pm 19/05/2004
mood: mellow
Hey there, this seems like a nice community

Some rather spiff punk-rock music from the uk, band's called The Subways, getting biggish out there but yet to cross the pond. Reminds me a bit of The Vines, punk-rock with some softer stuff thrown in. For downloads and info, check out their site at
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05:23pm 22/12/2003
  great song---->  
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trying this posting thing again.... 
10:18pm 03/12/2003
mood: computer illiterate
I came across this community tonight and thought I'd post. I'm not real familiar with what you all consider underground but here's a shot: The New Relics.
I might be off with the name of the group, but I have their Casting Stones album. It's mellow with a catchy beat. Sounds a little like Counting Crows meet Dave Matthews meet Jars of Clay meet someone I can't quite figure out (it's Rusted Root! - in case you were all dying to know). If anyone's interested in hearing them, I can post some songs? (Sorry I'm not real familiar with posting guidelines). If that doesn't work I can email people or something...
Lots of percussion, great male voice, woodwinds, acoustic guitar, great keyboard on some songs...
Some tracks are kinda hills of irelandy. Others are more upbeat. I'm not good with descriptions.
Anyone heard of them? Or am I behind in my music selections???
08:48am 18/11/2003
  My favorite local band. This may be the only post I ever make in here because I am one of the least hip people on the planet.
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12:06pm 15/11/2003
  Take The Pogues, sprinkle on some Punk, drench in alcohol.

Notable tunes:

"Celtbot": about a fightin' irish whiskey swilling 50ft tall robot.
"I Got Drunk In Europe": self-explanatory.

They also do an amazing cover of "The Log Drivers' Waltz" on stage.
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Brother Ali - Shadows on The Sun 
09:49am 15/11/2003
  Street-tough bravado, "slap your baby's momma", even having a "baby's momma", bustin' caps--all part of the stereotypical hip-hop image. However, the modern roots of rap music aren't resting among these concepts, but rather in the dismay of a life situation within which one feels trapped and powerless to alter. Enter Brother Ali, who seems to feel anything but trapped in his latest, Shadows on the Sun.

A muslim from Minneapolis (who also happens to be albino), Ali has managed to skilfully mix this urban agression with not just concern for urban decay, but a genuine hopefulness for the future (tied to his spiritual beliefs) and a respect for true life success seldom heard in rap music. Y'all got Chistopher Reeve size bravery / to try and play with me extols this self styled musical messiah. Through the title track, we are encouraged to let the Brother tell our stories of dismay and oppression, as this is his gift, and he uses it for such ends for those of us who can't, but the power to cast such impressive shadows lies in every human being. The closing track, Victory sums up not just this sentiment, but the album itself, as all manner of oppressed peoples (and those who 'join' Ali in supporting them and their release from bondage) are called to 'come forward' to be recognized as the battle against social injustice comes to a close itself. Truly inspirational lyrics are hard to come by these days, and not just in hip hop.

But don't think that this record is all about opression and the subsequent end thereof. Ali's wit and humor alone would allow this record to stand up to repeat listening (by which I mean constant, as I have done myself). From a highly amusing look at stalking in Prince Charming to the self-esteem affirming Forest Whitiker (sic), to various unforgettable one liners, the raps on Shadows are damn good and often just plain funny as hell. We hear a man who knows when to NOT take himself too seriously, and the result is definitely worth having, if for no other reason than to be in on all the inside jokes, because If I didnt have a wife, yo / your kids would be albinos.

Ali sites KRS-One as a major influence, and this is unmistakeable in his style--the Teacher has reason to be proud. Joined by ANT (from fellow Minneapolis based Atmosphere) behind the boards with occasional appearances by Slug (also of Atmosphere), Ali's album represents what hip-hop can and should be (and once was in many respects). Life is serious business, more so for those jsut outside Brother Ali's window, and we need to get together and do something about it. However, we need to be able to relax and have a good time with our friends all the same, lest we end up taking ourselves too seriously--and, if that happens, what good is the life we have left for ourselves once the 'pens are used up' and the 'paper is filled up' and the fight we fight is no more?
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Inaugural post 
01:23pm 14/11/2003
  Here we go. I'll be writing a review of Brother Ali's Shadows on the Sun tonight for posting here--yes, Czar, you need to dig into that encyclopedic brain of yours and give us something else to feast our ears upon. Knock yourselves out. Icons and userpics and all of that to come soon.  
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