I Am The Electric Messiah (exacademic) wrote in listen_to_this,
I Am The Electric Messiah

Inaugural post

Here we go. I'll be writing a review of Brother Ali's Shadows on the Sun tonight for posting here--yes, Czar, you need to dig into that encyclopedic brain of yours and give us something else to feast our ears upon. Knock yourselves out. Icons and userpics and all of that to come soon.
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er. so how do I join? wheres the group info page? what's going on eric?
adding /info to the end of this communities url may be a feat to hard for some eric... your community needs a user info link... geeek
Nice to know that my brain's good for something.

I'll let you have the inagural recommendation, since you started this community. Meanwhile I shall rack my brain for a good album to tell everyone about. I'll have a hard time just picking one...